Does Your Construction Site Require A Crawler Crane?

8 February 2023
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There's no question that cranes are one of the most versatile tools found at any construction site. Not only do individual cranes serve numerous roles on the job site, but a multitude of options exist when selecting the most suitable crane for any particular site. Mobile cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes, and loader cranes are just a few options available for large-scale construction projects.

Knowing which crane is most suitable for any particular project or role can be challenging, even for companies with substantial construction expertise. While discussing your needs with an experienced crane rental company will always be the best way to determine the most suitable crane for your site, here are three indications that a crawler crane might be right for your job.

1. You're Dealing With Rough Terrain

There are generally two options when dealing with rough, uneven, snowy, or muddy terrain: all-terrain cranes and crawler cranes. All-terrain cranes (sometimes known as rough terrain cranes) utilize a heavy-duty, truck-based platform. They're relatively small and maneuverable compared to equivalently-sized crawler cranes but less stable on severely uneven or completely undeveloped ground.

On the other hand, crawler cranes provide superb stability and traversal capabilities on any terrain. While it can be a challenge to transport these cranes to less developed job sites, their ability to move easily on broken or muddy ground while still providing a stable platform is unmatched by other types of cranes.

2. You Have Space Restrictions

Crawler cranes are fairly large compared to other crane options, but they can still be relatively small and maneuverable compared to truck-based all-terrain cranes. Additionally, crawler cranes can more easily move through a cluttered job site or areas where trucks may have difficulties turning or properly positioning themselves.

However, it's important to keep your space restrictions in mind when dealing with the transport and setup of crawler cranes. These cranes can't travel to a job site under their own power, so there must be sufficient space at your site or nearby to unload and prepare the crane. Make sure you discuss these requirements with your rental company before making your selection.

3. You Need Long-Term Stability

Mobile cranes and all-terrain cranes are all about mobility. These cranes can quickly reach job sites, costing less money to mobilize and transport. However, they aren't as suitable for projects that may require a long reach or long-term stability. The crawler's treads provide an incredibly stable platform, allowing it to remain in place for long periods or under difficult conditions.

Ultimately, there's no such thing as a crane suitable for every project, every company, or every job site. Crawler cranes have numerous advantages, but it's critical to discuss your specific requirements with an experienced crane rental company to determine the best crane (or cranes) for your project. 

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