Running Your Own Small Business? 3 Problems Associated With Postponing Hydraulic Repairs

28 February 2022
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As the economy begins to struggle under the weight of increased fuel, equipment, and labor costs, many small business owners find themselves trying to hold off on making some types of repairs or improvements. While some delays, such as upgrading equipment that is still serviceable, can be wise during an uncertain economy, putting off necessary expenditures like hydraulic repairs can end up being a costly mistake. 

Putting off hydraulic repairs expands the maintenance budget 

At first glance, putting off needed hydraulic repairs can seem like a good idea in situations where the equipment is still functional. Unfortunately, however, many types of hydraulic repair issues, like leaking hoses and connections, can slowly siphon away hundreds of dollars from the maintenance budget. Since adequate levels of hydraulic fluid are necessary for the equipment to pressurize and operate correctly, business owners or their operators will need to check and replenish fluids lost to ongoing leaks whenever the machine is operated. Over a period of several days, the total costs of replenishing the leaked hydraulic fluid, plus the labor involved to do so, is likely to equal or exceed the cost of the needed hydraulic repairs. 

Putting off hydraulic repairs can result in lost business 

Another important cost that must be considered when hydraulic repairs are not made as needed is the potential costs of lost business. When hydraulic equipment becomes undependable due to a needed repair, business owners may not be able to produce products or load them for transport in a timely manner. Customers who do not receive their orders when expected due to a decision to delay making necessary hydraulic repairs may feel forced to find another supplier to ensure that their own customer orders are fulfilled on schedule. 

Putting off hydraulic repairs can lead to increased employee safety risks 

Employee safety is a critical need in every business situation. Employees that are accustomed to working with safe, well-maintained equipment are often more productive and less likely to look for other employment. Because hydraulic repair issues can cause heavy equipment components to fall or flail wildly, crushing or striking employees in the workplace, employee productivity and job satisfaction can become quickly endangered when needed hydraulic repairs are being postponed. 

In addition to making sure that needed hydraulic repairs are handled efficiently, business owners should also consider speaking with their local machine shop or hydraulic repair service about upgrading older hydraulic lines, fittings, and pumps to help prevent future repair issues and keep their business operating as efficiently as possible. 

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