Professional Tips For Crane Services

25 June 2020
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Right now, the crane industry is valued at a little under $20 billion, and rigging and rentals make up a big part of these jobs. These machines do so much heavy lifting that your projects can get up and running without you needing to concern yourself with having a huge labor force. Below you can learn more about securing this equipment and the professionals that operate them. 

The types of cranes that you can use

When you're putting together the logistical part of your project, you'll need to take inventory of whatever equipment you need. Some of the crane types you can select include truck-mounted cranes, jib cranes, boom cranes, and tower cranes. Spider cranes are also maneuverable and eco-friendly. 

Utilizing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you in planning out your equipment use, and can even bring you back more than $7 per $1 spent as a return on investment (ROI). Additionally, using an ERP when figuring out your equipment needs can help you compile and use fleet management data, in addition to planning how you deploy your staff to use these cranes. 

The biggest reason that people use cranes is that they make your workplace safer and more efficient. Construction injuries make up more than 21 percent of private-sector workplace injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You will minimize injuries and get more out of your workplace when you use cranes effectively. 

Bring crane rigging services onboard

Hiring crane rigging companies will help you out with your project. They are skilled at every facet of using the equipment and will make your work more streamlined. Crane operators earn between about $20 per hour and $25 per hour based on the state you're in and the level of crane operating experience required. Choose the most vetted and experienced operators you can reach out to. 

Set up a rental contract that will get you through the entire construction project

Choose whatever kind of rental contract is best for the project you're helming. This means mulling through the data and your resources to find the best fit for your budget and workplace. For a weekly crane rental, you might pay about $2,500 per week. Some cranes may cost approximately $600 if you rent them by the day. Get estimates in written form before you finalize any rental contract. 

Use these tips to get professional crane services.