3 Ways To Boost Your Freight Hauling Revenue

5 January 2018
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Many truck drivers end up transitioning to the world of freight hauling and brokerage because of the potential for higher incomes and more flexibility as your own boss. If you have been hauling freight for a while but your profits aren't as high as you would like, you may just need to make a few small tweaks to the way you run your business. Here are a few proven ways to boost revenue as a freight hauling professional:

1. Gain Flexibility with a Removable Goose Neck Trailer

A removable goose neck trailer is key when you are hauling loads of heavy, tall, and unwieldy freight. These trailers are designed to be as flexible as possible, with tall necks that can easily retract, detach, and even turn into a ramp to allow you to easily drive your freight right onto the trailer. These innovative trailers allow you to haul more and to load your truck much more quickly, which can easily translate to improved productivity and revenue. Your tall loads of freight remain steady and secure even over long distances.

2. Plan for Roundtrip Loads instead of One-Way Routes

Another way to ramp up your income is to start planning ahead when determining your routes and signing up to deliver freight. Instead of only planning one leg of a trip, then scrambling to find freight to haul on the way back, you can plan the entire round-trip route at once either by reaching out to your connections in the delivery location or looking for freight on online load boards. This will help you avoid driving all the way back home without any freight, which is a huge missed opportunity for more income.

3. Make Use of Trucking Software

If you aren't making use of trucking-specific software, chances are that your business isn't being run as efficiently as it should be. You are probably spending too much time tracking loads of freight, filing your fuel receipts, and trying to create your own system for keeping up with truck maintenance tasks.

By transitioning to software designed specifically for truck drivers, you will free up more time to actually drive and make money. You will also minimize potentially costly and time-wasting mistakes. There are several business software suites available for the trucking industry. Many now offer a free trial, allowing you to test your different options before committing to the one you find the most helpful and easy to use.

Implementing these ideas will make your freight business more efficient, productive, and lucrative.