Hiring A Crane For Your Lifting And Hoisting Jobs

2 January 2018
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There are times when you need to lift something very heavy to a spot too high to reach with a fork truck or loader. While you might not need a crane on the job every day, you might want to consider hiring one from time to time for these jobs. There are options that can help you get the job done.

Lifting Tools and Equipment

Sometimes on a job where you are working on the roof or upper floors of a building, there are tools or equipment that you need to do the job but they are too big or too heavy to move in any traditional manner. Hiring a crane and operator to lift them to the location you need might be the simplest and most cost-effective way to get them where you need them in a time frame that allows you to get the work done on time. Not all cranes are the same so be sure to let the operator or rental company know what you are lifting and how high it needs to go so they can get the right equipment for you.

Rigging For The Lift

When you are preparing for a lift with a crane, you need to be sure that whatever you are lifting is secure and is going to make it to its intended location. The crane operator may be able to help you rig the lift but don't depend on that to be the case. If you have experienced riggers on your crew, they can take care of it but if you don't, you might want to hire a rigger that can help you get the items being lifted, secure and ready. You can ask when you contact the crane company and they may have riggers available as well. The rigger's fee is often based on the time it takes to get the item ready but for one or two items, they may just charge for the job with a flat fee.

Bringing Down The Tools

If you are done with the job and need to get stuff off the roof or upper floors of a building and need the crane back to do it, try and plan a few days ahead so that you can be sure to have the crane available and on the job site. Getting the tools and equipment down from a completed job might mean dealing with more obstacles like windows or other things that can be damaged. Be sure you let the crane operator know what obstacles might be in the way and let him look at the site to assess the best point to pick the items from. Let him decide as he is the expert and knows what he can do with his equipment.

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