Common FAQs About Compact Wheel Loaders

1 January 2018
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Whether you have a construction business of your own or you just have a sincere interest in construction and heavy equipment, you are bound to run across a few pieces of equipment that are not quite as familiar as others. The compact wheel loader is the perfect example. This powerhouse piece of equipment is more popular in Europe than it has been in America for a lot of years, but that has started to change, so you will likely see a lot more compact wheel loaders in use in construction. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about compact wheel loaders and the answers you want to know. 

What exactly is the difference between a skid steer and a compact wheel loader?

For the most part, the biggest difference between a skid steer and a compact wheel loader s the stature of the machinery. The skid steer is usually larger, both in width and height, compared to the basic compact wheel loader. Because the skid steer is larger, it usually comes along with a larger load capacity as well, but in a lot of construction settings, load capacity can easily be compromised in exchange for a smaller, easier way to maneuver a piece of equipment like the compact wheel loader. 

Does the compact wheel loader have stationary or an articulated frame?

Most compact wheel loaders you find from the biggest manufacturers will have the articulated frame, which basically means one section of wheels moves free from the body of the vehicle as a separate mechanism. Therefore, when the compact wheel loader is in use, the wheels can be turned in either direction to give the operator a tighter turning radius. This is extremely valuable when an operator has limited space to work with, and that often is the case in urban construction zones. 

What other advantages are there to compact wheel loaders in a construction setting?

The smaller, compact size is definitely an advantage, especially for some business owners who need a machine that is both easy to maneuver and easy to fit into tighter work sites. However, the compact wheel loader does offer other advantages. For example, the smaller stature makes the equipment easier and less costly to haul and transport between locations and jobs. Plus, the compact wheel loader tends to be more on the fuel-efficient side because of its smaller scale, which can be a huge benefit for some business owners. 

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