What Factors Go Into Choosing A Crane?

28 December 2017
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If you are part of a team that's in charge of a construction project, you may want to know what crane options are available for your building project. You could be a business owner or partner who has some responsibility for the project, and although you may not be the one making the ultimate decision, you'd like to know some of the options and factors that will affect the project's cost and execution. Here are some of the top qualities that will affect your project's crane choice. 

How Much Weight the Crane Needs to Lift

The amount of weight to be placed on the crane will affect the size of the crane, the power of its engine, its rental and operations cost, and the amount of fuel it will consume. Make sure the team matches the crane to the load involved with the project. You want to be a little bit generous with the weight allowed, just in case the building materials are heavier than you thought; you wouldn't want to accidentally damage a rental machine. 

Types of Attachments

Your team will also match the cranes' attachments to the type of job being done. Some attachments have features that let you very accurately position the crane''s load, without it swaying or getting snagged. Some attachments are best for grasping, while others are useful for hooking. The building materials of the attachments will matter too, because some are more freeze resistant, stronger, and more durable than others. 

The Technologies Used

Construction cranes have important jobs to do, and their movements can be precisely controlled and monitored using technology. There are programs to track the location of the crane, the load, and many other factors so that you can see if there are any problems. Certain settings can be automated so that the crane can operate mainly on its own for repetitive tasks; removing human error from the equation is usually a good thing when you're looking at heavy equipment operations. 

If you need to know anything else about the crane selection before your team proceeds, certainly ask the rental team or your construction team. There are many factors that go into crane selection, which is why it's a good idea to leave a considerable budget for this equipment. Any labor you can eliminate by choosing the right crane will result in increased safety for your project as well as reduced labor costs. 

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