Different Kinds Of Trailers Used In Construction And How They Benefit You

27 December 2017
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Construction contractors use all kinds of trailers for the work that they do. However, many of the trailers that they use, consumers in general can use as well. The following types of trailers are the most common in the world of construction. Here is how each can benefit you.

High-Sided Utility Trailers

High-sided utility trailers are flatbed utility trailers with high fences around the top of the trailer. This is useful if you need to haul anything that could potentially fall off the trailer without something to hold the item on and inside the trailer. For example, if you have to move a roll-top desk, a refrigerator, a stove, a washer, a dryer, and/or a dishwasher, all of these things are very heavy and would require more than a few tie-down straps to keep them on the trailer. The high fence-style sides help make these items much more secure for hauling.

Long Flatbed Trailers

Long flatbed trailers are useful for hauling things that require more length than width in a trailer. This includes snowmobiles, motorcycles, and even stock cars for racing and demolition derbies. If you are going to do some major construction on your home, long flatbed trailers are perfect for hauling long boards and long, uncut strips of siding, too.

Warming and Work Trailers

While the meaning of the word "trailers" takes on a different connotation here, the result is still something that can benefit you. Warming trailers, also known as office work trailers, can operate as temporary living spaces if you are currently stuck without a place to call home. You will still have to have a place to park the trailer, but it is still better than living outside in the freezing cold when winter hits.

In general, these trailers do not have their own heat. Many construction contractors heat theirs with space heaters. If you do own land, but your home was destroyed by a disaster of some kind, you will at least have a place to park this kind of trailer while your home is being rebuilt.

Restroom Trailers

A popular new kind of trailer currently being used by construction workers is a restroom trailer. It is a deluxe, fully functional, commercial bathroom built on a trailer. Waste is flushed into a holding tank underneath (like an RV). You can wash your hands at a real sink with real running water, and there are typically two or more stalls/urinals in each restroom trailer. If you are ripping out and/or replacing your bathroom or septic system, a restroom trailer just for family/household use is ideal.